“Chrismons” or Christ Monograms are symbols representing New Testament happenings and the teachings of Jesus Christ.  Numbers, shapes, colors and symbols are all meaningful as one studies our Lord’s life and teachings.  Thus, each bead, each part of the Chrismon has meaning and significance.  The Bible is studied as Chrismons are made.

The Christian Year Series includes one Chrismon for each season of the year beginning with a Scroll depicting the prophesy of the coming savior.





The Christmas Rose, sometimes the Rose of Sharon is used.  The white rose if for the purity of Christ, the thorns represent his suffering for us.




The Epiphany Star.  The Magi followed the star to see the new king.  Epiphany is celebrated 12 days after Christmas and celebrates God in human form.


The Pelican pierces her breast to feed her young.  She represents Lent, as we prepare for Jesus great sacrifice for us






The Butterfly stands for Easter.  Just as

a butterfly is a transformed and beautiful creature, Jesus’ resurrection was a transformation.





The chariot represents Christ’s ascension.  Some link it also to Elijah




The flames represent Pentecost. Pentecost literally means the fiftieth day (after Easter).  The Holy Spirit descended  upon the Apostles and he church is born.