Fellowship Ministry

The Fellowship Ministry is responsible for any activities that mainly involve fellowshipping, and a lot of times these include dinners and food. It’s a nice time to get to know your Church friends better, make new friends, and also enjoy great food! This ministry provides food for our Congregational Breakfasts, Sunday morning coffees, receptions, funeral dinners, Annual picnic, Thankoffering dinner, and many other special activities. They also send cheer cards to those in the hospital and to people who are sick or homebound.

The Fellowship Ministry members consist of:

Coordinators: Karen Caylor and Denette Schoenian
Reception Committee Helpers:  Karen Caylor, Marcia Grant, Kim Herr, Bob Hoshaw, Julia Ingle, Hal & Sherry King, Carole Podwell, Ellen Tate, Karen Lewis, Stacey Tice, Denette Schoenian
Friendly Service: Marcia Grant
Committee to Prepare Food and/or serve funeral dinners: Kitty Bell, Karen Caylor, Marcia Grant, Doris Hippensteel (Apr-Oct), Julia Ingle (weekdays May – Oct), Carolyn Jacobs, Hal & Sherry King (May-Dec), Barb Linzey, Marty Menges, Pam Nierman, Toni Orr, Carole Podwell, Gayle Ryberg, Denette Schoenian, Lisa Smeltzer, Ellen Tate, Stacey Tice
Funeral Dinners Co-Chairman: Karen Caylor and Denette Schoenian
Thankoffering Dinner: Karen Caylor
Congo Breakfasts & Men’s Breakfasts: Ron Phillips, Bob Hoshaw, Bob Linzey, Rick Schoenian, Bryan Bitner, Nick Hedrick


Fall Harvest 2012- teensFall Harvest 2012- girls










Fall Picnic at Oakbrook Valley



Thankoffering Crew – 2012

Huddle lunch crew

        Huddle Lunch Crew – 2013